The Play «Columbine»

The Play «Columbine»

The play "Colombin" - a story about how a person can lose and find himself, about the unpredictability of life. On the true and false. About love. Love - a stranger, love - a revelation. About love, killed insincerity, like a knife - in the back.

On the stage, the poet and his imaginary heroes are friends of the actor: Colombina, Harlequin, Pierrot. Imperceptibly the game goes into reality, because it is limitless as life. It can be said that on the stage there is a carnival of epochs, even a farce, addressing to real human destinies. Heroes are drawn into a love triangle. Beauty Colombina, the rogue Harlequin and the romantic Pierrot are rivals who do not represent life without each other. Sometimes they are scared, hurt, bitter, sometimes funny. The poet is in constant ironic dialogue with his characters. Time and place cease to matter. The hero Leonid Mozgovoy possesses, directly, an airy sense of humor, combining in the play lyric and grotesque. His poetic "view from the outside" allows viewers to become accomplices in what is happening and what happened.

Live music sounds in the performance. The songs of Russian and French composers are performed by Marina Kukhnerik. At the piano laureate of international competitions Edgar Sahakyan. By playing the musician creates an atmosphere of beauty, sincerity, telling the unspoken truth about genuine human feelings.

In the finale, a simple story of a difficult life ends. The poet closes the book. And, nevertheless, there is an occasion to ask the question: what determines happiness, luck, success? What is the measure of these concepts? These are eternal questions. The theater is only a reflection of the world, a magic mirror. He gives an artistic image of being, leaving the audience freedom of choice.

St. Petersburg non-state Theater "Replica"
The artistic director is Honored Artist of Russia Leonid Mozgovoy
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes. without intermission


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