Opera «Cinderella»

Opera «Cinderella»

Opera for children, written by Boris Asafiev in 1906, staged in the style of the famous Soviet film, released in 1947. A wonderful fairy tale, the heroine of which, with the help of a fairy, turns into a princess for one night and appears on a royal ball, causes a kind smile in adults, and excites children, pleases, teaches empathy and empathy. Opera based on the fairy tale by Charles Perrault and the play by Eugene Schwartz, where the music is complemented by dances and conversational dialogues, is an excellent occasion for the first acquaintance with the musical theater.

Genre: Children's Opera
Libretto: Olga Mukhortova based on the screenplay by Eugene Schwartz and the fairy tale by Charles Perrault of the same name
Orchestration: Vladislav Uspensky
Directed by: Olga Mukortova
Director: Vyacheslav Kalyuzhny
Dances: Maria Bolshakova, Evgeni Myasishchev
Premiere of the production at the Mikhailovsky Theater: December 30, 1999


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