Symphonic show «Game of Thrones»

Symphonic show «Game of Thrones»

For the first time in St. Petersburg! December 19, 2017 on the stage of the Palace of Culture The Leningrad City Council is a new large-scale project "The Game of Thrones" - a grandiose symphony show with the participation of 100 musicians and performers.

You will hear the legendary soundtracks for the most popular TV series of our time, as well as for movies and serials that have already created a true story, made a revolution and became iconic in the world cinema. Music for the films of the greatest composers Ramin Javadi, Khants Zimmer, Howard Shore, Nino Rota and many other winners of the Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe awards.

It's not just the soundtracks that accompany the picture, it's music that hundreds of millions of viewers around the world will recognize from the first notes. The music that sets the tone determines the mood, listening to which you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the movie and become a part of it, music without which, any movie hit, would not become a real masterpiece. Only in St. Petersburg, on December 19, you will have a really hot concert with the participation of 100 musicians and performers, do not miss it!

Conductor: Andrey Cherny - author and creator of the symphonic show "Game of Thrones", a large and popular rock concert VOICE OF THE SYMPHO ROCK, a concert of classical music "Spring Ball", many programs and festivals of modern and classical art, a man who from the first seconds can make an arrangement to any composition! But his real achievement is his star team of young, modern and most talented musicians. Concertmaster - Anastasia Kayriak, pianoforte - Natalia Chuprina, cello - Victoria Fortuchenko - laureates of many international competitions, teachers and masters of the best musical academies.

Particular attention should be paid to the choir under the leadership of Svetlana Ryadchenko, who made a real revolution in the sound of the symphony orchestra and the performance of soundtracks for the world's film masterpieces. On December 19, you have a unique chance to hear a world class symphony show under the direction of the best, non-standard and charismatic conductor of our time - Andrei Chernoy.

Duration: 2 hours


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