The play «Rasputin: Mission»

The play «Rasputin: Mission»

St. Petersburg Theater "Workshop" on the stage of the House Theater of the Yusupov Palace on the Moika River

Grigory Rasputin is one of the most mysterious characters in Russian history. Who he is and what his role in the events of the turn of the XIX-XX centuries - this can be written by detectives, romance novels and historical dramas. Hungarian writer Geza Szoch wrote a phantasmagoria. In his play, Rasputin walks from one great contemporary ruler to another and persuades, persuades, vainly persuades them to change plans, to temper their ambitions, to look soberly at the near and distant future. He knows what the future holds for humanity. He is aware of the meaninglessness of his visits. He understands that no one will hear him, no one will believe him, and a series of catastrophes will collapse into the world. His mission is not failed - it was initially impossible. But he can not but try to fulfill it.

The performance of Egor Chernyshov is created especially for the space of the Yusupov Palace, a place permanently connected in the history with the name of Grigory Rasputin. Gold and velvet, candelabras and lambrequins, majesty and luxury - and a little strange man, whether a demon, a demon, a charlatan, or a guardian angel, painfully trying alone to turn the river of history. "Rasputin: mission" is a story about an unjustified evil, about prophets that nobody believes, about the loneliness of those who know and are strong, about the exorbitant pride of having power, about the similarity of knowledge and madness, about the gravity of the consciousness of doom and about the fact that history is Only a chain of fatal accidents that even a madman can not break.

Genre: Drama
Director: E. Chernyshov
Artist: N. Slobodyanik
Author: G. Syoch
Stage version: M. Lazarev
Actors: O. Abalyan, M. Studenovskiy, P. Vorobyeva, K. Grishanov, V. Karpov, A. Semenov, V. Shchipitsyn
Premiere: 17, 18 November 2017
Running time: 1 hour 20 minutes


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