Pop Revue "Love Story" dance Theatre "Weekend"

Pop Revue "Love Story" dance Theatre "Weekend"

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Dance Theater "Weekend" presents a delightful and unique Valentine Dolgin - in the revue "Love story".

All the songs in the light of love! The program "Love Story" is a kaleidoscope of beautiful music, magnificent dances, bright costumes, light, sound and, most importantly, the extraordinary voice of Valentina Dolgina, the laureate of international competitions, the actress of Sergey Bezrukov Theater, the soloist of the Music Hall Theater run by Ilya Rakhlin. One can be indifferent to one or another genre, but when love sounds, everything is subordinated only to it. "Love story" is the World of Music, Dance and Love!

Guests gathering at 19:00
Beginning of the program at 20:00


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