November 25 in St. Petersburg will be a big solo show "Mushrooms" in an unusual place. On the Internet there are rumors that this will be the last tour in the band's career. However, the Mushrooms themselves do not comment on this. They do not give interviews at all, so everything related to this group is shrouded in mystery.

It is known that this will be an unusual concert. It will be held in the building of the former Central Design Bureau of Machine Building. Spectators will fall into several interconnected spaces, in each of which a certain action will take place.

In addition to all the well-known tracks from the first album - "Melts the Ice", "Intro", "Cops", "Great" - and completely new compositions that have already been recorded and are being prepared for release. Whether it's a new album or just a few singles is also not known.

Ticket Categories:
• Dance floor - access to the dance floor, central entrance, wardrobe.
• Fan Zone - access to the zone directly opposite the stage, closest to the artist, separate entrance and wardrobe.
• Lodge - bed for 4 people on a VIP podium just opposite the stage, the price includes drinks and fruits, service by the waiters, separate entrance and wardrobe.


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