Classic Enigma Original Voices

Classic Enigma Original Voices

Classic ENIGMA Original Voices is a new European project with the participation of the original voices of the world-famous band ENIGMA - Andru Donalds (Andrew Donalds) and Angel X (Angel X).

The ENIGMA project was known as a studio project. For many years people enjoyed magnificent voices, recreating fascinating compositions and with incomparable exquisite music. And now the musicians of ENIGMA have united to provide the audience with new live performances, accompanied by a variety symphony orchestra. Now the collective is preparing for a world tour. The musicians actively started work on the show program. Performances are accompanied by a change of scenic costumes, special effects and visualization on the screen.

It is known that Andru Donalds (Andrew Donalds) and Angel X (Angel X) have an unusual energy and professionally know the art of reincarnation. Each composition is a separate mini-production. To the audience, artists will present both world-famous hits, as well as new compositions written specifically for the upcoming show.


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