Alexander Ivanov and «Rondo»

Alexander Ivanov and «Rondo»

Having become famous as a soloist of the capital rock band "Rondo" (in the constantly changing composition of which Nikolai Rastorguev and Natalia Vetlitskaya were seen in particular), Alexander Ivanov has been in the public eye since the late 1980s when the "Rondo" "It's also part of the universe," as they say, the first of many.

Having written down such songs as "I will remember" (in a duet with Vladimir Presnyakov), "God, what a trifle", "My untruthful Russia" and "I'll lay the sky under your feet," Ivanov has long established himself in the status of Russian Stephen Tyler - a singer with a rich rock and roll past, especially successful in the piercing genre of hard rock ballads.


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