Musical «Twelve Months»

Musical «Twelve Months»

The story "Twelve Months" was written long ago by the Czech storyteller Bozena Nemtsova. Many of our writers and playwrights turned to this amazing story, coming up with their own versions of the fairy tale. One of the most famous created S.Ya. Marshak. There are other versions of the fairy tale.

Theater "Carambole" offers its own reading of this story. In it you will meet with already well-known heroes - stepmother, her daughter and stepdaughter, capricious princess and, of course, Twelve months. The play will remind you of how wisely and beautifully arranged is Nature, which is always on the side of one who respects its laws and is kind with soul and heart.

Genre: Musical
Author: Based on the fairy tale by Bozena Nemtsova and the works of G.-H. Andersen
Composer: Irina Brondz
Directed by: Anton Okoeshnikov
Choreography: Edvald Smirnov
Scenography and costumes: Elena Zhukova
In the performance, artists, the orchestra and students of the children's studio of the musical theater "Karambol"
Duration of the performance
: 1 hour 50 minutes with one intermission


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