The large-scale program "Alhimeyre: Reunion." The program of the concert will feature songs from both their albums and the main hits of the band.

This is a large-scale space saga about love and freedom, based on the material of the dilogy, which consists of the last two albums of the team: Alchemy and Chimera. As always, the fans of the band are waiting for a carefully thought-out tracklist and a bright visual series. The subtitle "Reunion" hints: perhaps, with the band members on the stage will appear the musicians who contributed to the recording of the dilogy.

History of the group
The way from tiny clubs to huge stadiums took ten years - there were radical changes of composition, triumphs on the radio, public recognition and a huge number of live concerts. The group managed not only to change the attitude of the audience to folk, but also to make this genre as popular as we see it in Russia today. Musicians themselves Millers define their work as folk-rock. On the albums of the band, you can hear crystal harp ballads, and fatal insurgents, and plays with a touch of jazz.

Seven full-length albums of Mill have already created a truly unique phenomenon in folk music and in the domestic music industry as a whole. A very attentive listener will notice in the sound of the Mill the influence of such legendary performers as Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, U2, Jefferson Airplane ... and will be right, as musicians consider it necessary to draw on the tradition of Western rock music.


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