The play «Selfish»

The play «Selfish»

A unique opportunity to hear the revelations of men on the verge of ....

They are men. There are three of them. And they are familiar from childhood. Everyone's life goes on as usual. But one day, trying to understand the situation of one of them, they all discover their own problems. Through irony and tears, through selfish sensation in this big world, through psychological training and Almodovar films, through laughter and physical education, they are trying to outline the path to the conquest of a woman, to male friendship and responsibility and, of course, to love.

Genre: Comedy
Author: according to M. Myllyacho's play "Panic"
Directed by: Harold Strelkov
Cast: Vladimir Feklenko (TV series "Glukhar", "Pyatnitsky", "Mukhtar"), Alexander Bobrov (TV series "Glukhar", "Pyatnitsky", "Molodezhka"), Vladislav Kotlyarovsky (TV series "Gluhar", "Karpov")
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes with intermission.


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