The musical group «Miracle-Island»

The musical group «Miracle-Island»

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"Why is the heart so upset?"

Last time it became fashionable to return to the Soviet song classic, to songs that were written in the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. This year, on the basis of the Railway Workers' Club, the musical group "Miracle Island", in co-authorship with the best musicians and arrangers of the city, created the project "What is so worried about the heart". The idea of ​​the project belonged to the famous singer and composer Maxim Leonidov. The arrangements of all the songs were made by Eugene Oleshev - arranger and musician of the Hippoband group. Along with the Soviet songs, the songs of American composers of the same years are heard.

There are 16 songs in the project and each song has its own story: how it was written, who wrote the music and words, who was the first performer, when the song became popular, etc. Songs of the project: Hear me, good, Princess - Nesmeyana, Every time we say goodbye, Old maple, I've got the world on the string, Sit next to me, Happy lot, That so the heart is upset, Stardust, Do not get around much more, Mad about the boy, I'm a fool to want you, Pestruha, Bridge over trouble water, Do not be sad, My dear Muscovites

Listening to modern songs, you marvel at the scarcity and monotony of melodies. The same can be said about song poetry. This project was conceived as a reminder to our listeners that once it was possible to enjoy amazing melodies, talented, extraordinarily beautiful harmonies, surprisingly sincere and penetrating verses. For the older generation it is a return in the years of your childhood and youth. For young spectators it is an acquaintance with the masterpieces of jazz classics and the musical past of our country.

Guests gathering at 19:00
Beginning of the program at 20:00


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