Leonid Parfyonov. The Main Songs About Old Times

Leonid Parfyonov. The Main Songs About Old Times

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Journalist and TV presenter Leonid Parfenov is known as a researcher of various Soviet phenomena. Together with the art group "Meydelekh" he prepared a show tour of the song USSR. What did our grandparents, mothers and dads listen to and sing, that they considered beautiful and fashionable, to which they danced, as they admitted in their secret feelings?

I love your clear view, simple speech, I love the great friendship of our meetings - so no one will ever say! The program selected 35 super hits - from the 1930s to the 1970s. Each song has its own epoch, understood by Leonid Parfenov. And sometimes the presenter is humming himself - this is the first time in his career! Even if some song at first seems unfamiliar to you, you will surely know its refrain - in this repertoire the memory of several generations is pressed. The rooms of the "thea jazz" Utesova, the pre-war "Rio Rita", front ballads, in which you could still sing the booze and smoking, cutesy tango and foxtrot, romantic waltzes "thaw" about the Siberian construction sites, downhole rock and folklore at Pesnyaryov ". Golden variety fund of the country - after this evening of song memories it will never be forgotten by you!

Genre: Musical-dramatized composition
Duration: 2 hours


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