Documentary play «BLACK & SIMPSON»

Documentary play «BLACK & SIMPSON»


A documentary performance, based on the correspondence of a life-time convict and a murdered father, a real story. One of the heroes suffered a terrible tragedy, the second - a murderer serving a life sentence in prison. They correspond for 15 years.

"This story I heard on the radio in America, I found her heroes. So the idea was born to make a documentary performance. "Black & Simpson" is a dialogue about forgiveness, which for decades was born from the correspondence of two completely strangers to each other: Hector Black, who tragically lost his beloved daughter, and Ivan Simpson - for life sentenced for murder. Modern man is hard to overcome difficulties, go further. We all have no practice of working out the problem. And it's important, not only what happened, but what you are in the situation. Hector and Ivan, the heroes of this story, through work on pain, change their world, their daily life and the boundaries of their own "I". Kazimir Liske

"The word" forgiveness "is in our world, in our everyday life, but it is not filled with content. Forgiveness is not just a fact. This is an incredible process. To come to forgiveness, you need to go a very long and difficult road. The heroes of the play, these two people, have passed it, and we are trying to share this feeling with the viewer. " Dmitry Brusnikin

"When I first read the text, I could not believe that this was possible. It was more like a play with a good drama, and this is not drama - it's a real story, and this is the drama: people who have tied each other with evil, find a way to love. It seems impossible that a person who destroyed another's life could say "Forgive me and help me love you", but it happens. " Anton Kuznetsov

Genre: Documentary performance
Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes without intermission


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