Quartet I «Conversations of Men of Middle Age About Women, Cinema and Aluminium Plugs»

Quartet I «Conversations of Men of Middle Age About Women, Cinema and Aluminium Plugs»

On December 17 the "Quartet I" theater returns to the Northern capital to please the citizens of St. Petersburg with the long-awaited production of one of their best performances - "Middle-aged men talk about women, movies and aluminum forks".

Rostislav Hayit, Alexander Demidov, Kamil Larin, Leonid Baratz. Four middle-aged men speak on the stage of exactly what interests them and exactly what they really think about it. On relations with women, on unfulfilled ambitions, about Hollywood movies, about treason, about the just-ending childhood that has ended, about false pathos, about approaching old age.

"The history of this performance began simultaneously with the play" Faster than rabbits "... and if it's true, even a little earlier. When we were just beginning to "Rabbits ...", we were only trying to find at least some starting point from which we could start composing a new play - we were talking. We talked about things that usually worried middle-aged men (and we were then 35-38 years old), "the participants of Quartet I share the story of the performance.

The hall sits with bated breath - afraid to miss a word. It seems that everyone in the audience has something to add to this endless series of stories about mutual male and female meanness, about "crooked female logic" and about falseness in life and art.

And yet, according to the already well-established tradition of the Quartet, there are a lot of videos in the play. More precisely - cinema. The sensation of the transience of life, of the fact that everything is about to end, leads to the appearance of five fragments of five absolutely different movies inside the performance. Such an attempt to deceive destiny - to remove the best, culminating scenes from films that will never be removed by anyone.

Exact observations, unexpected turns of hackneyed and banal topics, brilliant overplaying and absurdization of standard life situations. Love, treachery, male and female meanness, modern theater, cinema, art - all this and much more is the subject of "Conversation ...", a performance that can not be missed! We are waiting for you on December 17 in the Palace of Culture. The Leningrad City Council.


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