Vadim Samoilov

Vadim Samoilov

December 12 in the Palace of Culture. Lensoveta Vadim Samoylov will give a big solo concert, within the framework of which he will present a new album and perform the famous songs "Agatha Christie".

Vadim Samoylov - ex-leader of the legendary rock band "Agatha Christie", on the songs of which grew not one generation of listeners. The band released 10 numbered albums, dozens of songs from which became national hits. "Agatha Christie" existed for more than 20 years and completed its activities in 2010.

The forthcoming album of Vadim Samoilov is long-awaited in all senses. This is his first solo album after the collapse of "Agatha Christie", some of the songs from it were written for the legendary band, known by the demos of "Agatha", but only now they received a full-fledged studio version. Vadim Samoilov decided not to keep the album material secret until the release date; From time to time the musician uploads one song from the record, so that many fans will be able to get acquainted with the part of the album before the concert.

The culmination will be the presentation of the disc: at a large-scale concert in the legendary St. Petersburg Palace of Culture. On December 12, Vadim Samoilov will perform the Lensovet as fresh material and compositions from solo projects, and, of course, the songs of the legendary "Agatha Christie". And for the production of the show will be the legendary director-clipmaker Victor Vilks. Do not miss!

Duration: 2 hours.


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