Alexander Ustyugov and Ekibastuz

Alexander Ustyugov and Ekibastuz

The history of the group "Ekibastuz" began with the television series "Plague." During his creation, Alexander Ustyugov (Russian theater and film actor, director, musician) had the idea that a song should sound in it. As a result, there were even two songs - "Post Birds" and "Road to Paradise".

When the idea of ​​the first song arose, Alexander turned to accordionist Sergei Petrov, who participated in the shooting of the film "I Serve the Soviet Union" with the request to assemble a group of musicians close to him in spirit. The task was not easy - to find performers with a soul who could be interested in working with Ustyugov, a novice on the music scene.

Today the Ekibastuz group includes:
Grigory Semkin - accordion,
Sergei Gorbachev - bass guitar, double bass, backing vocals
Sergey Monakhov - guitar, backing vocals
Pavel Vozlinsky - percussion
Alexei Pushkarev is a pipe.

The birthday of the group is September 19, 2015 - the first live performance took place on this day at the opening of the international regatta "Sea Gate 2015". January 19, 2017 in the concert hall "Colosseum" (St. Petersburg) premiere of the debut album "Roads".

Concert activity of the Ekibastuz group to date includes many performances at various venues in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Almaty, Yaroslavl and other cities, including performances at such major events as the concert for the Day of Internal Affairs employees (Ice Palace, St. Petersburg, Petersburg), the VIII St. Petersburg International Motor Show (IMIS), the International Regatta "The Sea Gates" (St. Petersburg), the rock festival "Invasion", the St. Petersburg festival "Motostolitsa".

October 17, Alexander Ustyugov will celebrate his birthday on the stage of the club "Cosmonaut"


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