«Together Forever» show by Ilya Averbuch

«Together Forever» show by Ilya Averbuch

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"Together and forever" only with champions

Ilya Averbukh announced a new touring tour of the famous champions "Together and Forever". After the stunning success of the dramatic performance "Romeo and Juliet", which premiered this summer in Sochi, Averbukh again decided to collect the whole team and carries all through the cities of Russia and the CIS. The ranks of the Producer Company were outstanding Russian figure skaters, two-time Olympic champions of Sochi-2014 Tatyana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov.

Spectators will be able to see elements of increased complexity and the highest level of figure skating match the best skaters of Europe and the world. According to many critics, Ilya Averbukh's team is in such an amazing form that it will give odds to many world Olympic Hopes, and the acting skill of champions will be envied by no theatrical school of the country. The new tour program is a symbiosis of all the best productions of the famous director,

Ilya Averbukh: "Every season I try to surprise the audience. Last year the "Ice Age" tour was a great success, but due to creative employment with the premiere of Romeo and Juliet, the television project did not take place. But the viewer's need for ice shows is so high that we simply did not dare leave the viewer with anything. Unfortunately, in Russia there are not many ice palaces where we could show our main performance, with all the incredible decorations. That's why, a tour was organized around the cities, where everyone can see favorite figure skaters "

The geography of the tour "Together and Forever" totals "23 cities" in Russia and "5 cities" in the Baltic and CIS countries, and while the company's management is working towards a world tour, the champions delight the viewers with new numbers.

Maxim Trankov: "It's a great honor for me to be on the team of Ilya, even on the Ice Age project I realized what a job is in a big friendly team, now when Tanya and I finished with the sport we had a second insanely interesting life. The life that Ilya gave us. I can only note that here we do not see the ceiling, there is no finale. Ilya's fantasy is unlimited and that he will come up again, what roles we'll get, artists, no one knows, there's a special buzz in this. "

Information about the production company "Ilya Averbukh":
Producer company "Ilya Averbukh" is the main creator of ice shows in Russia: the geography of implemented projects includes more than 500 cities, on all world continents except Antarctica,. For 13 years the company has produced more than 100 original projects including the only Russian director's block at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Sochi.

Only in 2017 in all regions of the country from Sochi to Vladivostok a successful tour of several performances took place: the premiere of the unique dramatic ice show "Romeo and Juliet", the New Year fairy tale "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King", "Carmen", "Ice Age", "12 months "," Classmates "," Favorite movies about the main thing "and others. In total, over 1,500,000 spectators saw the Averbukh's ice projects last year, which became an absolute record of attendance in the history of the genre.


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