The play «Cylinder»

The play «Cylinder»

The comedy of the brilliant Italian playwright Eduardo de Filippo "Cylinder" will take the viewer to the poor quarter of Naples, where the economic boom adjoins the eternal crisis of unemployment. In the center of events are two married couples living in the same apartment. In order to collect 300 thousand lire and pay off arrears for rent, all four come up with the following trick: beauty Rita, playing a woman of easy conduct, luring customers into the house, and then turns them to flight, presenting the body of the supposedly dead body .

Usually clients run away, without even demanding to return a reward. But once a rich, romantic-minded widower, having opened the deception, refuses to leave with anything ... Unpredictable turns of the adventurous plot, juicy characters written by the playwright, subtle humor will enable the actors to speak out about the imperfection of human nature and about the desire of any person to get at all costs happiness and peace.


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