Renata Litvinova

Renata Litvinova

Renata Litvinova. Creative meeting

"If you fall in love with Renata Litvinov, it's like a sentence, it's for life"
V. Posner.

October 31, the first time in the Great Hall of the Petersburg Academic Philharmonic will be a creative meeting with the incredible, extraordinary and charming Renata Litvinova.

Renata Litvinova is a talented actress and director who presented such unique projects as "Rita's Last Tale", "Goddess: how I fell in love", "The Green Theater in Zemfira" and many others. Images of the heroines Renata from the films "Sky. Aircraft. Girl "," Country of the Deaf "settled forever in our hearts. Honored Artist of Russia, laureate of the State Prize of Russia, she evokes delight and respect from both viewers and critics.

Surrounded by a special aura of elegance and mystery, Renata Litvinova always appears spectacularly, forcing everyone around to hold her breath, catch every word of her, every gesture. Everything, about what she spoke, her ideas, images, every stroke - get "to the point". She manages to catch the essence of things and events, to feel the characters of her characters subtly.

Without a doubt, Renata Litvinova is a cult figure of our era! Touching the world of this extraordinary artist, as well as appreciate her vivid images and reasoning about life, creativity and love, admirers of Renata Litvinova's talent will be able on October 31 at her creative meeting to be held in the Great Hall of the Academic Philharmonic. This evening, of course, will be one of the most anticipated cultural events in St. Petersburg, because Litvinov is in love with millions of fans and fans!


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