The play «Lay Wife to the Pawnshop»

The play «Lay Wife to the Pawnshop»

The pawnshop does not come from a good life. Need. Mortgages, who can what - family jewelry, a sword of the grandfather of the Civil War, a car ... but that such !!! Semyon Karlovich, the owner of the pawnshop in the third generation, saw a lot and talked about every thing he had stored, no worse than a guide from the Tretyakov Gallery. But this is his first time. A young couple entering a pawnshop is behaving strangely - instead of quickly putting something in and getting money, they enter into long talks about art, history, whisper something while the host is away ...

Can they be robbers? The conversation, flavored with coffee and cognac, turns into a dramatization on historical themes. And the owner, involuntarily provoking the guests, unwittingly involved in this action. But closer to the point, gentlemen! What do you have to lay? What the guests want to offer is unimaginable! Never had anyone pawned a pawnshop ... his wife !!! But that's not all ...

Genre: Comedy
Director: Sergey Rost
Cast: Regina Todorenko, Alexander Tyutryumov, Vlad Topalov, Sergey Rost
Duration: 2 hours


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