The play «Method Of Gronholm»

The play «Method Of Gronholm»

On stage is the recognizable world of the modern office of a large holding company. At stake - a prestigious position with a very decent salary. But here's the bad luck: there's only one place, but there are four competitors. Or three? As in the world of detectives Agatha Christie, the characters come off the stage one by one. Who will remain in the finals and receive the coveted envelope with the appointment? And will the happy winner of the main prize be able to celebrate the victory? An ordinary job interview turns into a sophisticated intellectual game, and what seemed like a formal test, in fact, turns life inside out, leaving no outsider any chance.

T.N. Chkheidze: "What is happening is what I suspected at the very beginning: the play with each new rehearsal is becoming more and more complicated and interesting. This is a very good material for psychological theater. I have not seen a modern play for a long time, it's so interesting to work on. We rehearse remarkably, we are looking for the sources of moods, thoughts and actions. How accurate are our guesses - time will tell. "


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