Repeated participants of the "Invasion" festival, authors of soundtracks for the films "Let's Make Love", "Spartacus and Kalashnikov", "Demon of Noon", "Four Taxi Players and the Dog 2", "Shadow of the Fighter", "Time of Happiness 2", "Unrevealed affairs / Without a limitation period "," Life circumstances ", the leaders of the" Hit Parade of Two Capitals "on the radio" Maximum "and" Chart Dozen "on" Our Radio "- yes, they are all these. Ivan Demian, the leader of the group and the author of the songs, can be heard on various radio and television channels. He even managed to star in the main role of a national action movie called "The Shadow of a Fighter".

The date of birth of the band was March 8, 2001 - the date of the beginning of work on the first album. Since that time, millions of people have heard the hits "Young Winds", "Unknown Soldier", "Autumn", "Unrequited Moon", "We Fly from the War" and many others. At the moment in the luggage of the group a large number of albums and participation in a variety of collections.

The first, debut album, in 2001, having got into rotation on "Our Radio", within a week made its way to the top lines of the charts. And the "Young Winds" have forever become the visiting card of the group. The group celebrated its 15th anniversary with the release of the documentary film "15 Windy Years", the same-name book about the band, a big tour with the same name. And in the end they released another album "Solve the Sun" for their 16th anniversary. "7B" constantly actively participates, participates in various festivals, is recorded in joint projects with other musicians. And this is the 17th year ...


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