The play «Lady With the Dog»

The play «Lady With the Dog»

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The performance is a laureate of the Higher Theater Award of St. Petersburg "Golden Soffit" (2008) in the nomination "Best Performance on the Small Stage"

As it is banal, "Lady with a dog" - a play about love. Chekhov's story about how the resort romance of two well-off people of the "middle class" has violated the whole course of their life is played out quite realistically: here there is Yalta, Moscow, and the provincial city of S. The atmosphere of time is dotted in A. Orlov's scenography, in detail "registered" in the costumes of I. Cherednikova. In the story of the love suddenly falling on Dmitry Gurov (revered art Vasily Reutov) and Anna von Dideritz (Alexander Kulikova), Gurov's wife (Tatyana Aptikeyeva) and Gurov's longtime friend Mr. Smirnov-Chubukov (nar. Leonid Nevedomsky), this Chekhov hero - a fairly aged Bear - also will not escape in the play "heart pangs". Another character - Mr. Ivanov (Ruslan Barabanov) - an average young man "without properties", who came from Chekhov's early stories, adds to the action his love drama.

Events "Ladies with a dog" will make even the small spitz of Mrs. von Diederitz a trifle - the role of the dog in the play is played by a real Spitz named Goldie. Another "heroine" of the love story - "Geisha", one of the scenes of this operetta hit of the end of the XIX century will appear on the stage, the motifs of the "cruel romance" of Jones are "resurrected" by the imagination of the composer Nikolai Morozov; the author of plastic improvisations - Nikolai Reutov. The world has gone mad with love; and no one can get out of the "black hole" of human relations - this is both the sad and ironic performance of director Anatoly Pourudin. Laureate of the Higher Theater Award of St. Petersburg "Golden Soffit" (2008) in the nomination "Best performance on the small stage".


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