The play «Treasure Island» (Moscow Provincial Theatre)

The play «Treasure Island» (Moscow Provincial Theatre)

Moscow Provincial Theater for Children

Who among us in his childhood did not dream of sea travel, mysterious islands, the search for treasures? We invite you along with the heroes of Robert Lewis Stevenson's famous novel to go out to meet adventures! We are waiting for the wind and salty splashes in the face, the romance of travel and, of course, the famous pirate "Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!"

The boy Jim Hawkins accidentally becomes the owner of the card, which shows the way to the treasure. On the schooner "Hispaniola" in the company of Dr. Livesay, Squire Trelawney and the one-legged ship's cook Silver, he goes in search of an island on which the treasures of Captain Flint's pirates are hidden. Jim will have to uncover a pirate plot, save the team from imminent death, together with their companions become the owner of the legendary treasures, and above all, understand that the most precious thing in the world is not gold and silver, but courage, courage, mutual help and loyal friends.

Genre: Adventure play
Author: RL Stevenson
Director and author of the staging: Alexey Serov
Composer: Alexander Billion
Characters and performers:

  • Silver: Sergey Bezrukov
  • Jim Hawkins, boy: Vasily Seregin / Denis Manakov
  • Jim Hawkins, young captain: Ilya Malakov / Alexander Sokolovsky / Denis Nurulin
  • Mrs. Hawkins: Marina Boyarinova / Lyudmila Menchinskaya
  • Billy Bones: Sergey Kissa / Andrei Misilin
  • Dr. Livsy: Evgeny Homonoy / Mikhail Shilov
  • Squire Trelawney: Sergey Vershinin / Sergey Stepin
  • Black Dog: Sergey Burlachenko / Andrey Isayenkov
  • and many others...


  • Violin solo: Svetlana Medvedeva
  • Bagpipe: Ivan Zhuravlev
  • Percussion: Egor Poselkin
  • The performance sounds music in the original performance of the Governor's Orchestra of the Moscow Region:
  • Chief Conductor: Sergey Pashchenko
  • The play uses Irish folk music: the song "Ta mo chleamhnas a dheanamh", "The basket of oysters" (solo on the violin)

Premiere: May 30, 2015
Duration of the performance: 2 hours 20 minutes with one intermission

The performance is accompanied by a typhlo-commenting


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