Open MIC

Open MIC

August 27 at 20.00 on the stage of the club "Cosmonaut" will premiere performance of the participants of the show "Open microphone".

For you, the finalists of the project: Guram Amaryan, Sergei Detkov, Milo Edwards, Victoria Skladchikova and the winner of the first season - Elena Novikova. More recently, a new humorous show "Open Microphone" started on TNT, the goal of which was to choose the most talented stand-comic comic of the country. The main award of the winner is the opportunity to become a resident of the main structure of the project "StandUp" on TNT. It turned out that behind the previously unknown names were hiding very talented people. Some of them began to take a great interest in standup a few years ago, others - only tried their hand at this genre. But each of the participants was able to prove himself.

Of the 32 two people selected during the castings, only the top 8 could get to the finals. And to win in this difficult battle was able to Muscovite Elena Novikova. Throughout the project, the children were supported by their mentors - some of the strongest stand-up comedians of our country. They are Ruslan Bely, Julia Akhmedova, Timur Karginov and Slava Komissarenko.

To their debut concert, comedians were prepared thoroughly. This you have not heard. Live positive emotions are provided to every spectator. And all this on the air, without a break for advertising.

We will not disclose all the secrets of the speeches. Let's just say that new faces in the standup genre are not inferior to their mentors. Hurry up to buy tickets to see for yourself.


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