Movie On the Roof

Movie On the Roof

Feature of the movie poster of August - the second festival of modern French cinema ZOOM France, which is supported by the French Institute. Festival films will be shown on August 18-20, August 25-27. This year in the festival poster comedies and romantic films are collected, as you want to see movies of these genres on a summer night in a cinema on the roof. All films are shown in French with Russian subtitles.

Cinema on the roof of the New Stage - the first in St. Petersburg "silent" open-air cinema, in which viewers watch movies in their headphones. As a pleasant bonus - one of the best views of the Fontanka and the roof of the city.

Schedule of film screenings in August:

August 2, 9 pm: BIG EYES (USA-Canada, 2014)

Bright and blooming America 50's. In the juicy colors of San Francisco, what is emerging is that it will destroy the traditional view of art and irrevocably change the way our life looks. Appeared from nowhere, the artist Walter Keane came up with pop art. His unusual paintings depicting touching children with huge eyes, made a real sensation and literally flooded the whole world. They are printed on calendars, postcards, housewives flaunt in aprons with their image. Walter becomes the king of modern art, one of the most famous art-figures of the planet.
But at the peak of the glory of the artist, his humble wife Margaret suddenly claims that Walter is a fraud, and it is she who is the author of the famous paintings. Unexpectedly, the shocking details of the life of the four Kin are revealed. The whole world froze in anticipation of the answer to the question: who is the genius, whose bold and original paintings now decorate every living room from Paris to Alaska?

Director: Tim Burton
Starring: Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz
Duration: 106 minutes
Age limit: 16+

August 3, 9 pm: THE COLLECTOR

The film premiered on July 2, 2016 at the Kinotavr Film Festival. The main and only role in the picture was played by Konstantin Khabensky.

Arthur is a master of his craft. Working only with large debtors, he finds all their ins and uses against them effectively. He never resorts to banal methods, his hobby is a psychological attack. Arthur knows how to transform himself into a virtuoso, bewilder, out of balance and so bake his customers, that they are ready to return everything, just never to hear his voice again. But one day Arthur himself becomes a target: a scandalous video with his participation appears on the network, and friends and colleagues turn away from him instantly. The threat is not only his reputation, but his life ... Now the collector has only one night to find the one who drove him into the corner.

Director and screenwriter: Alexey Krasovsky
Duration: 74 minutes
Age limit: 16+

August 8, 21.00: SETTING

The painting is a modern interpretation of the memoirs of the famous Russian detective of the tsarist times Arkady Koshko. The main character - the tuner pianos Andrew - at the same time the happiest and most unhappy man in the world. The happiest - because he is passionately in love with the most beautiful of women - Lina, and she answers him in return. But Andrew - alas - poor, whereas Lina, spoiled daughter of wealthy parents, used to live in prosperity and luxury.

It seemed that the hero in love with the madness was doomed to suffer forever. What tricks the poor tuner does not go to provide his beloved with a worthy existence! What he does not do! But honest work brings nothing but pathetic crumbs ... And now his passion takes on an entirely unhealthy shade. Love for the pampered blonde forces Andryusha to cross the fatal line: and he is ready to go for anything - to betray steal, and even ... to kill!

Director: Kira Muratova
Starring: Renata Litvinova, Georgiy Deliev, Alla Demidova.
Duration: 154 minutes
Age limit: 12+

9 August, 21.00: (NOT) WAITING PRINCE

The script for the film was written by Luc Besson himself, starring the stars of French cinema Vincent Perez and Vaina Djokante.

The divorced careerist and cynic Jean-Marc will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. For the preparation of a major contract, he almost misses the wedding of his daughter and only two days before the celebration is going on the road. The road will turn for the hero to meet with his complete opposite, romantic and disinterested girl Marie, who, contrary to the spirit of the times, dreams of a prince on a white horse ...

Directed by: Philippe Lellouche
Duration: 88 minutes
Age limit: 12+

August 24 / 20.30: PLEASANT FRANCIS

The film was premiered at the Telluride Film Festival. The film received extremely high ratings of film critics, was included in a series of lists of the best films of the year, and the performer starring Greta Gerwig was nominated for this actor's work for the Golden Globe Award.

Francis lives in New York, but she, in fact, is not at home. Francis works in a dance troupe, but she's not a dancer, I admit. Frances has Sophie's best friend, but now they hardly communicate, to be honest. Francis lives his dreams, which every day become increasingly unrealizable. Francis wants much more than she can afford, but she still lives life with ease, carelessness and grace.

Director - Noah Baumbach
Duration 86 min
Age limit 16+


40-year-old actor loser Jean moonlighting depicts victims of crimes at police-conducted investigative actions. Jean's obsession with small details does not pass the attention of policemen. As a result, he will play a key role in the investigation of the series of murders in the ski resort of Megeve.

Director - Jean-Paul Salome
Duration 104 minutes


The plot of the film The Club "Sadness" (Tristesse Club) revolves around two brothers. The first is the narrow-minded Bruno, the second is the handsome Leon. Leon, previously was a successful tennis player, but carefree times have passed. Money is less, the former glory is forgotten, credit cards are blocked. And the problem is not only with the material situation, which he tries to close his eyes, but also with his family. Find a common language with an ex-wife and son is not easy to find. With his brother, too, everything is not going smoothly, but the death of his father, which the brothers did not enjoy with special honor, again brought their ways. Moreover, it turned out that they still have a sister about whom they did not know. So maybe your father still had other secrets?

If you are a fan of treasure hunts, if you like old Porsches, sisters who are not such, fathers who have not actually died, lakes with their secrets, then welcome to the club "Sadness"!

Director - Vincent Mariette
Duration 90 min
Age limit 16+


Arman 33. It's time to change something in your life: start running around in the morning, fall in love, part, meet again, get into a fight, get into the hospital, spoil everything, fix everything ...

A series of monologues by Arman, his girlfriend and his friend, imbued with ironic melancholy, form in the general history of three thirty-year-old Parisian romantics, suffering from love, existential crisis and other ailments.

Director - Sebastien Betbeder
Duration 91 minutes
Age limit 16+

August 30 / 20.30: OTHER BOWARI

The script for the film is written by the comics of a British artist and writer Pose Simmonds.

Not so long ago, Martin Joubert, the protagonist of the movie "Another Bovary", lived in Paris, was a writer and dreamed of fame. But his fame was over, and Joubert decides to return to his native village, to the bosom of nature. It is quiet and peaceful, but there is absolutely nothing to do for a creative person. And suddenly an interesting couple moves to the next house. The Boveri spouses from England somehow remind Joubert of the famous Flaubert characters, and the writer begins to take a closer look at the neighbors. However, it seems that the behavior of Gemma is reminiscent of the behavior of Madame Bovary, although she does not read classics: at first she has an affair with a young lord, and then with Joubert himself ...:

Director - Anne Fontaine
Duration 99 minutes
Age limit 16+

August 31 / 20.30: TWO IN THE UNIVERSE

Ed and Amy are a scientist and student studying the theory of strings and cosmic twins, the universe and parallel dimensions. They are kindred spirits, created for each other. Their love knows no boundaries and distances. But suddenly Ed disappears. And all that she has is regular messages coming from him. What game is Amy involved in? Experiment of a scientist who decided to hide from the world? Or the game of higher forces, sending her beloved in other people's guises? Or does she continue to see the light of an extinguished star?

Director - Giuseppe Tornatore
Starring Jeremy Irons and Olga Kurylenko
Duration 116 min
Age limit 16+

Important: The administration of the theater reserves the right to transfer film screenings to the Media Center in the event of unfavorable weather conditions.


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