The play «Optimistic Tragedy. Farewell Ball»

The play «Optimistic Tragedy. Farewell Ball»

Appeal to the play "Optimistic tragedy" has a special significance for the Alexandrinsky Theater. In 1955, on the stage of the Leningrad Academic Drama Theater. A.S. Pushkin (as it was then called theater), the premiere of "Optimistic Tragedy" George Tovstonogov. This performance was one of the great legends of the Soviet scene. Piece, 1933, tells of the rebellion sailors of the Baltic in 1918, sounded sharp and modern. George Tovstonogov and artist Yuri Tolubeev were awarded the Lenin Prize. It was a powerful and profound statement about the construction of a new man. But with a special, bitter lyricism, the scene of the Farewell Sailor Ball sounded in this performance.

"Optimistic tragedy. Farewell Ball "in his literary basis connects the landmark for the stage history of the play Vishnevsky its theatrical edition. Among them is the revision, established in 1933, Chamber Theater for a performance Aleksandra Tairova c Alisoy Koonen in the role of the Commissioner. The play is staged by one of the most interesting contemporary Russian directors, the artistic director of the Center. Sun. Meyerhold Viktor Ryzhakov.

In rehearsals cast: People's Artist of Russia Era Ziganshin, the Honored Artist of Russia Arkady Volgin artists: Sergei Amosov, Dmitry Belov, Anna Blinov, Ivan Efremov, Tikhon Zhiznevsky, Valentin Zakharov, Dmitry Lysenko, Sergei Mardari Sergei Sidorenko, Viktor Shurale and other .
Premiere: 19 September 2017
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes


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