Bus tour «of 1917. As It Was»

Bus tour «of 1917. As It Was»

The tour will take place on one of the most important places that belong to the events of the Great Revolution of 1917. The cruiser Aurora, the Field of Mars, MF Kshessinskaya's Mansion, Brandt's Mansion, the Smolny Institute, the Tauride Palace, the Palace Square - the Winter Palace. Petersburg is not without reason called the cradle of the revolution, it was in our city that the main revolutionary events developed. The streets and squares of the city witnessed riots and uprisings, assassination attempts and rallies. Here the government was changing, revolutionary figures were hiding, here the destinies of not only Petersburg, but all Russia were fought.

During the excursion we suggest you to plunge into the revolution of 1917. This historical excursion will acquaint you with the already familiar habit of a military ship, the legendary cruiser of the 1st rank "Aurora". The crew of the cruiser took an active part in the events of the February revolution. You will visit the Field of Mars, also called the Victims of the Revolution Square. Next, we come to the mansion of the famous ballerina MF Kshesinskaya, who witnessed the most important historical events in March-early July 1917. Here were the Central and Petersburg Committees of the RSDLP, as well as the Military Organization of the Bolsheviks. Among the architectural monuments of the city also belongs the Brandt Mansion, which houses the State Museum of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The end of the excursion to the Palace Square.

Excursion WITHOUT VISITING THE MUSEUMS. Our tour is only in Russian.
A trip on MICROBUSES or LARGE BUS, depending on the number of people in the group.

Duration: about 3 hours.
Preferential ticket: preschool children, schoolchildren, students, pensioners, VO veterans, disabled people of all categories.
Convincing request for the duration of the excursion to "privileged persons" to have documents confirming the privilege.
Every child must have a ticket, regardless of age. To avoid an emergency on the road, adults should not be put on their knees.


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