Theatrical performance «Fantastic Journey»

Theatrical performance «Fantastic Journey»

Premiere! Russian ensemble "Golden Apple" represents

Santa Claus and Snow Maiden collect all the children of the Russian ensemble Golden Apple in the KSMC Sibur Arena, where everything is ready for the celebration of the new year: and the Christmas tree is dressed up, and snowmen - the helpers of the invitation have been sent out, and the guests are gathering. And now, Father Frost is ready to announce the beginning of the holiday. But the appearance of an angry woman Yaga, frustrates all plans. With her dark sorcery, she sends the participants of the show to different corners of the world.

Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden have to go on an exciting journey to different countries, to bring all the children together again, to save the holiday and to have a real New Year's ball, and Russian craftsmen, helpers - snowmen and a magical golden apple will help them along the way. Spectators plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday, filled with fascinating dances of the peoples of the world. Feel the rhythms of the Brazilian carnival, feel the power of the wind from the strokes of Chinese fans, enjoy the splendor and variety of folk crafts of Russian masters and craftsmen, and much more.

Will Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden go round all the countries, find the children from the Russian ensemble "Golden Apple" and save the new year - it depends on you, the young spectators! The performance employs more than 1000 students of the Russian ensemble "Golden Apple".

Director and artistic director: N.L. Samusev
Duration of the event: 2 hours
Age of the target audience: from 4 years

Children under 3 years accompanied by an adult attend the event for free (without providing a separate seat). From 3 years everyone needs to buy a ticket.


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