The play «Little Witch» (Moscow Provincial Theatre)

The play «Little Witch» (Moscow Provincial Theatre)

Moscow Provincial Theater for Children

The little sorceress is 127 years old, but she is still quite a girl by witches' standards. To deserve the right to go on walks in the Walpurgis night, she decides to study the sorcery science and certainly become a good witch. So, as logic dictates to her, one must do good deeds. So she tries with all her might: she helps the old man, then she brings the children out of the woods, she will arrange a carnival for everyone to be happy.

The magical atmosphere of the fairy tale turns everything upside down: a good witch must behave badly, and well-bad! Understand what is right and what is not, the wise sorceress Raven helps the little sorceress. This fairy tale will become a conductor for a pure child's heart, so that every child, having looked at the play, wants to become kinder, do good deeds and make sure that he, too, is a little magician.

Genre: Children's Speckle
Author: Based on the fairy tale by O. Proysler
Director: Ekaterina Maksimova
Composer: Vladimir Brouss
Characters and performers: Little witch: Maria Dudkevich / Natalia Shklyaruk / Vera Shpak; Raven: Alexei Veretin / Andrey Chantsev / Vasily Shmakov; Rumpumpel: Marina Boyarinova / Elena Tsagina
Premiere: October 22, 2016
Duration of the performance: 1 hour 10 minutes without intermission


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