The play «Three Texts About the War»

The play «Three Texts About the War»

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The script and production were made by A. V. Gruntovsky, a famous St. Petersburg poet, the head of the "Theater of National Drama". He also plays the role of Vysotsky in this solo performance. In addition to Vysotsky's songs, his friends' memories and his own utterances were used. At the heart of the storyline is the correspondence of V.Vysotsky and I.Kohanovsky.

Igor Kokhanovsky is a school friend of Vysotsky, the author of "Indian Summer" and other songs. From the school bench, they called each other "Busses." This appeal allowed us to generalize the dialogues, introduce numerous statements of Vladimir Semenovich, taken from concerts, memories - into the dialogue of two friends ... It gave an opportunity to recreate the generalized, detached image of the Poet Friend as his second "I". During the performance, the main theme is the keynote: "That is the question". But really, what is the question of human life, what is its meaning, Hamlet asks, Vysotsky asks, the director of the play asks. The premiere took place on the birthday of the poet on the stage of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra on January 25, 2008.


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