Musical «Mary Poppins, Goodbye!»

Musical «Mary Poppins, Goodbye!»

Performance - the diploma of the Supreme national theatrical award of Russia "the Gold Mask"

In 1983, a television musical film directed by Leonid Kvinikhidze "Mary Poppins, Goodbye!" Appeared on the screens. Songs from this film, written by composer Maxim Dunaevsky and poet Naum Olev, still occupy the first places in the charts. Probably you sing also: "Half a year bad weather, half a year absolutely nowhere ..." or "Thirty-three cows - the verse was born new, like a glass of fresh milk ..", and, of course, these lines: "Tomorrow the wind will change, tomorrow the past in return He will be a kind, affectionate Wind of Changes ... ".

Twenty years after the film's release, the musical "Mary Poppins, Goodbye!" By Maxim Dunaevsky with familiar and new songs is presented on the stage of the theater, because today as well as thirty years ago, both adults and children hope that Wind Change will change everything for the better. And the extraordinary nanny Mary Poppins, who knows from where she came from the Banks family, knows for sure that it will be so.

Genre: Musical
Directed by: Honored Art Worker of Russia, State Prize Laureate Leonid Kvinikhidze
Art director: People's Artist of Russia Mart Chinayev
Costume Designer: Tatyana Koroleva
Premiere: March 22, 2003


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