The play «Master and Margarita»

The play «Master and Margarita»

SPECTACLE FIRST: Part 1 - "Vanya the Homeless"; Part 2 - The Master
SPECTACLE SECOND: Part 3 - "Moscow and the Evil Force"; Part 4 - "Margarita"

Every generation of the "Workshop" has its own big novel. "Idiot", "Quiet Flows the Don", and here come new ones - with "The Master and Margarita". Today's studio students at Kozlov's workshop, the fourth year of the Russian Institute of Performing Arts, will first come out on a big stage and in two evenings will play one of the greatest Russian novels of the twentieth century.

It will be a story about love and fear, ruling the world. And about those who overturn consciousness and soul. About artists and poets. About the ruler who betrayed such a person, and about the woman who has thrown all that such person to rescue. Annushka will soon buy sunflower oil, Margarita will leave the house with alarming yellow flowers, and the darkness that has come from the Mediterranean Sea will cover the town, hated by the procurator.

Genre: Drama
Director: Grigory Kozlov
Actors: Andrei Ankudinov, Richard Ardashin, Kristina Boitsova, Kamila Borghesani, Foma Bysgu, Julia Vibe, Saima Visti, Mikhail Gavrilov, Giorgi Goloshvili, Cyril Gordleyev, Anton Gorchakov, Arthur Gross, Suncu Jao, Anastasia Ermak, Daria Zavyalova, Nikita Kapralov, Ilya Koletsky, Kristina Kutsa, Dmitry Mikov, Yuri Nasonov, Sergey Pankov, Gleb Savchuk, Daria Solovieva, Anastasia Stebneva, Maria Stolyarova, Victoria Troitskaya, Levan Tsiskadze, Nelya Sharipova, Simon Ewald
Premiere: July 2017
Duration: Two evenings for 4 hours


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