Show-concert «Tango Forever»

Show-concert «Tango Forever»

At the heart of the concert show "Tango Forever" - brilliant choreographic productions, unique in their variety and skill, from the best maestros of tango, both international and Russian level. The show consists of several tango-short stories, each has its own storyline, which is transmitted through the prism of dance and music. "Tango Forever" is a show where lyrical and romantic numbers alternate with ironic and even tragic ones, showing different feelings and emotions, sometimes contradictory, but very vital.

Each story shown in "Tango Forever" is the magic of random encounters, with a kaleidoscope of events, feelings and emotions, filled with energy that can be felt. All the experiences of the characters, with utmost sincerity translated into the language of dance, so understandable to everyone. It will be an extravaganza of mesmerizing dance numbers that look at one go, accompanied by chic music that inspires to dream!


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