Operetta «Hello, I am Your Aunt!»

Operetta «Hello, I am Your Aunt!»

Oscar Feltsman's music, Robert Rozhdestvensky's poems. This operetta "Hello, I'm Your Aunt!" Was written in 1973, but is still very relevant and modern. It was written based on the play "Aunt Charlie" by the English playwright Brandon Thomas, who wrote it more than 100 years ago as a dramatic work, but this play is so talented that it still goes around the world, and in our country it goes not only as a dramatic comedy, but, and as a musical comedy.

On which only cunning do not go in love with heroes, if their path is an obstacle! Dress a friend in a woman's dress and give it to a millionaire aunt from Brazil? You are welcome! Close your eyes to the fact that a fake millionaire falls in love with her own father? And why not, nothing, then everything will open up! However, one should not think that heroes are completely unprincipled and selfish, and at the decisive moment everything falls into place - as it should be in the "good old operetta".
The story of a young man who pretended to be a millionaire widow, composed by the English playwright B. Thomas, was repeatedly embodied both in the theatrical stage and in cinematography. Modern arrangements of Feltsman's melodies, vocal and choreographic numbers in the stylistics of the variety show, musical climax of plot-semantic episodes - all this turns the textbook production into one of the most flashing musical comedies. It is no accident that this performance brings together the most enthusiastic reviews and critics, and the public.

The main character of this operetta is Love! It is the cause of all events and incidents. "It's all because of love! For love! In the name of love! "- they say, referring to the viewer, the young heroes of the play, students of Oxford University Eric, Charlie and Babs. If you want to laugh, then you should definitely watch this musical performance. Where else can you meet an extravagant lady who knows how to tell about Brazil with fascination, "where are many wild monkeys"? In the play there are a lot of jokes, music, and most importantly - couples in love!

Genre: Operetta in 2 acts
Libretto: based on the play by British dramatist Brandon Thomas "Charlie's Aunt" in the translation of Nina Korsch
Stage version: Galina Tarasova.
Actors: Roman Anushin, Ivan Eremin, Polina Tikhonova / Elena Belova, Stanley Krasovitsky, Sergey Rozhkov, Alexander Nesterov, Galina Tarasova
Duration of the performance: 2 hours 30 minutes with intermission


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