Musical «June 31»

Musical «June 31»

John Priestley's novella "June 31", written more than half a century ago (1961), finds its new birth in the eponymous musical of the legendary composer Alexander Zatsepin, created for the performance of the troupe of the musical theater "Carambole". The love story of a modern young Englishman - the artist Sam Penti and the medieval Princess Milisenty from the kingdom of Perador unfolds against a backdrop of strange, sometimes bizarre and inexplicable events. Fiction and reality, irony and romance are intertwined in this fairy tale for adults.

Through the prism of mysterious events, completely recognizable situations and types are seen. Living in parallel worlds and at different times the characters of the performance are ridiculously similar. And the dispute between them, which world is still real, and what is fictional, leads to a conclusion - everything depends on how a person looks at this world, and the true, real world is inside each of us.

The well-known, "eternal hits" of A. Zatsepin - "The World Without a Beloved", "I'm Looking for You", "What Was Once" and other favorite songs of the composer, and also a lot of new music specially created for the theatrical version sound in the musical. There is nothing impossible - walking around in different worlds, moving through time and space, and much more if events occur on a strange lunar day - June 31.

Music: Alexander Zatsepin
Poems: Ilya Reznik, Leonid Derbenev, Yuri Entin, Rimma Kazakova
Director: Boris Pavlovich
Premiere: January 31, 2014
Duration of the performance: 2 hours 40 minutes with one intermission


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