Musical «Story of Thumbelina»

Musical «Story of Thumbelina»

They say that in every person there are features of some animal ... often, not only external ones. The Child of Nature - Thumbelina - falls into the world of adults. Different, not always attractive in their views on the world heroes of the fairy tale, open our child to our strange world. "We are different," Fish explains to the little heroine of our history. Who will explain the girl, where to go, where to look for protection, and is there a country where dreams come true? Children grow up looking at us, adults, copy our habits and manners. Let's look at ourselves in the mirror and smile with irony or sadness ...

Let's not stop children from being as beautiful as Nature herself, teach them to dream, choose friends, take care of each other. And then our inch and elves necessarily grow up happy. This is our story.

Directed by: People's Artist of Russia Oleg Levakov
Conductor: Dmitry Bogdanov
Set Designer: Oleg Molchanov
In the performance take part: Julia Nadervel, Igor Elkin, Olga Golovina, Lilia Dytkova, Dmitry Stefanov, Andrei Kotov, Natalya Gretskaya and others
Premiere: March 10, 2012
Running time: 2 hours


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