Musical «Firebird»

Musical «Firebird»

Firebird in legends and legends has always symbolized the dream of Happiness. And the dream, as you know, everyone has his own. This is our story.

The golden light of the wings of the Magic Bird alone inspires hope for peace, others - beckons with the brilliance of wealth. Funny and unexpected situations, in which the characters of the play fall - only a background for understanding the main thing: if your soul is kind and love, then the Firebird is somewhere near ...

Or maybe this Bird is the soul of everything that exists? Wise Berendey knows that only in free flight she gives joy and harmony, guarding the house, the Earth and all of us.

Directed by: People's Artist of Russia Oleg Levakov
Conductor: Dmitry Bogdanov
Set Designer: Oleg Molchanov
Choreographer: Vladimir Romanovsky
Lighting Designer: Valery Skurikhin
Premiere: October 31, 2014
Running time: 1 hour 50 minutes


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