Musical «Ugly Duckling»

Musical «Ugly Duckling»

How often do we hear - look, ugly duckling! Who is he, unlike others, prosperous, self-confident and so similar among themselves?

We will talk about a wonderful unprotected chick with a clean swan's soul, which was not accepted by the bird society only because it was unlike them. As in the fairy tale of G.-Kh. Andersen, in our performance birds and animals are very much reminded of characters from our life. After all, the "complex of the ugly duckling" is created by those who surround it. In our fairy tale - chickens, geese, turkeys from the bird's yard, and in life - a crowd of philistines, when all - against one. But he, in fact - a wonderful Swan. Just let him spread his wings!

The musical of the theater "Carambol" was created by the author's production team, already familiar to the audience on musicals "History of Thumbelina" and "Firebird". The composer is Irina Brondz, the author of the play and poems is Nikolai Gol (based on the tale of G.-H.Andersen), the director is nar. Russia Oleg Levakov, conductor - Dmitry Bogdanov, scenography and costumes - Oleg Molchanov, choreography - Vladimir Romanovsky. The performance includes artists, orchestra and children's studio of the musical theater "Carambol"

Directed by: People's Artist of Russia Oleg Levakov
Conductor: Dmitry Bogdanov
Musical Director: Irina Brondz
Set Designer: Oleg Molchanov
Choreographer: Vladimir Romanovsky
Lighting designer: Ivan Nikitin, Valery Skurikhin


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