The show «La Verità»

The show «La Verità»

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The show "La Verità" is inspired by the work of Salvador Dali - the curtain to the ballet "Mad Tristan", painted by the artist in the 1940s in New York. The production of Daniel Finzi Pasca unites theater and circus, music and dance. "La Verità" is an acrobatic poem: in successive surrealistic scenes, 11 artists are presented with a story about love and truth.

After the premiere in Montreal, held in January 2013, the show withstood more than 370 performances in 56 cities around the world. Three years the original curtain "Mad Tristan", drawn by Salvador Dali, was part of the play. Today, the presentation uses a certified copy of the curtain.

Daniele Finzi Paska about the play:
"Acrobatics and physical theater allow us to enter a territory where there is neither night nor day, where the falling light does not manifest real objects, but forms them, creating anew. The language of acrobatics leads us to the unconscious, allows us to see the inner landscapes, which sometimes are more convincing than real landscapes. Landscapes in the paintings Dali - day or night? Both options are incorrect: Dali depicts another dimension, the measurement of dreams. "


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