The play «Return to Love»

The play «Return to Love»

Theater-festival "Baltic House" invites spectators to make an unusual sentimental journey to the legendary sixties. On the waves of our memory, the audience will be together with maestro Raymond Pauls and poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko. In the musical play "Return to Love" for the first time from the stage of the dramatic theater, new songs of the composer, loved by all generations, will sound on the poems of an outstanding poet.

The protagonist of the play is the Poet, tells the story of time, about people, about love. Creative people - physicists and lyricists, dreamed of a "world without borders", about the freedom of the individual, about the truth. They loved and were loved. Love inspired them to create stunning books, films, plays, music and poetry, which today are more modern than ever. The performance is a recognition in love of the legendary sixtieth on behalf of the young actors of the Theater Festival "Baltic House" and today's graduates of the St. Petersburg Academy of Theater Arts. In the role of the Poet - People's Artist of Russia Vadim Yakovlev.

Performance "Return to Love" - ​​the first production of the director from Latvia Galina Polishchuk on the stage of the Theater Festival "Baltic House". The director's performances are successfully held in leading European theaters. Galina Polishchuk has a long and fruitful relationship with Raymond Pauls. The play "Return to Love" will conquer any spectator - and those who are striving for a moment to return to their youth, and those who have everything ahead of them.

Genre: Drama
Director: Galina Polishchuk
Actors: Vadim Yakovlev, Igor Goppikov, Elena Karpova, Valentina Korovnikova, Sergei Linkov, Alexander Muravitsky
Premiere: September 9, 2011
Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes with intermission


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