The play «How the Steel Was Tempered»

The play «How the Steel Was Tempered»

The novel "How the Steel Was Tempered" for many decades became a manifesto and bible for young people with a burning heart and a desire to change the world for the better. It is no accident that the writer Andrei Platonov called Nikolai Ostrovsky's book "the most humane novel of our time". Ostrovsky sought to show how the characters of the first generation of communist youth were tempered, passing through various life experiences and always ahead of them, on the line of fire.

The authors of the play examine not the plot of the history of the revolution, but the very idea of ​​this story. Based on the novel, the theater asks a question - what is the Soviet government? What it has become for people who could overcome everything small and private? In its design and in its original energy, this story was to transform people into people with a capital letter. "So that it would not be painfully painful for aimlessly lived years, so as not to burn shame for the petty and petty past," which means that one must live this life not for oneself, but for others.

Genre: Drama
Director: Anatoly Praudin
Actors: Sergey Andreichuk, Mikhail Briskin, Arseny Vorobiev, Denis Gilmanov, Igor Goppikov, Roman Dryablov, Alexander Kabanov, Elena Karpova, Alexandra Kuznetsova, Oleg Korobkin, Dmitry Ladygin, Margarita Loskutnikova, Alexander Muravitsky, Alexander Predkov
Premiere: 19 May 2017
Duration: 3 hours with one intermission


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