The play «War and Peace of Tolstoy»

The play «War and Peace of Tolstoy»

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Long list of the Russian National Theater Award "Golden Mask" for the theatrical season 2015/16

According to the director, the stage version of the novel "War and Peace" does not imply a verbatim paraphrase or an illustration of the text. After all, the scale of Tolstoy's novel is not in the number of pages, but in the volume of characters, the depth of comprehension of human destinies. The authors called their performance "a guidebook for the novel." This artistic device mostly involves thinking about the themes of the novel, plunging only into some of its episodes, giving an opportunity to look at the usual way in a new way, to get away from the stereotype of school perception of the "encyclopedia of Russian life."

"War and peace of Tolstoy" is a kind of excursion on some chapters of the novel, where the People's Artist of the USSR Alisa Freindlich will act as a "guide". She is the keeper of the memory of Tolstoy's text, a guide accompanying the viewer on a journey through the space of the novel, introducing us to the families of the Rostovs, Bolkonskys, Kuragins, whose peaceful life is violated by war.


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