The play «Bes in the Rib»

The play «Bes in the Rib»

February 3, 2015, the premiere of the play "Bes in the rib", staged after the play by D.I. Fonvizin "Brigadier", written in 1769 and became the favorite play of Catherine II. The idea of ​​the production belongs to the NA. Russia Matveyev is his first full-fledged director's work. he is familiar to all as a powerful dramatic actor of the theater and cinema. The play is staged in the best traditions of the theater. The Leningrad Soviet of times. Vladimirov, and this work the director pays tribute to his great Master!

The plot of the play is glamorous - bribery and lust lead the main characters, drawing them into comical situations. The main heroes of the comedy are nobles, moreover, almost all of them are classified as negative characters. All the characters are so natural that it seems as though they have just been wrenched from everyday life. Before that, no Russian play could boast of such a beginning. Until now, the play has remained relevant - in the middle of the century covetousness was so ingrained in the Russian official and judicial apparatus that the empress himself had to act against the bribery.

Fonvizin's innovation in the play manifested itself in the masterful use of natural and witty language. Each character has a bright recognizable vocabulary, which perfectly characterizes the hero from one side or another. The true face of the nobility stands out clearly through an almost almost vaudeville plot.


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