The play «Master and Margarita»

The play «Master and Margarita»

Lyrical and philosophical poem about love and moral duty, about the inhumanity of evil, about true creativity, which is always the overcoming of inhumanity, an impulse to light and good. Satan rules a great ball, and the inspired Master, a contemporary of Bulgakov, writes his immortal novel. The procurator of Judea sends to the execution of Christ, and next to them, fussing, the local citizens who inhabit the Garden and Bronny streets of the 20-30s of our century betray, adapt, betray. Laughter and sorrow, joy and pain are mixed in the play, as in life.

Genre: Drama
Director: Jonas Vaitkus
Actors: Andrey Tenetko, Alexander Kabanov / Igor Mosyuk, Maria Meshcheryakova / Dasha Stepanova, Mikhail Briskin
Premiere: Premiere on May 26, 2002
Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes with intermission


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