Ballet for kids «Chipollino»

Ballet for kids «Chipollino»

Despite the fact that the ballet "Chipollino" can be considered a veteran theatrical stage, because it does not leave them for more than 40 years, the ballet does not lose its charm and continues to enchant all the new generation of children. The first production of the ballet was performed back in 1974 by Professor Heinrich Mayorov (for which he was awarded the State Prize of the Soviet Union). Since then she has many times "coming to life" in various theaters of Russia.

Since the first performance of the ballet on the life and adventures of the boy's bulbous, author of music for him - Russian composer Karen Khachaturian - he became famous. The music came to mind, and the creators of the cartoon of the same name, which brought the composer more and more popular.

Also enchanting sounds of melodies and songs, viewers have little enthusiasm and even the bright design fabulous scenery, costumes characters. This beauty of ballet obliged talented art director Valery Leventhal.

Such traits Chipollino as courage, sincerity, willingness to always come to the aid of friends - find a warm response in the hearts of young viewers, sowing the seeds of good in them, and build character. Despite the complexity of the choreography of the ballet, for what in theatrical circles "Chipollino" called children's "Spartacus", he was very popular with the children and is perfect for family viewing.

Libretto: Gennady Rykhlov as amended by Genrikh Mayorov on the fairy tale by Gianni Rodari
Choreography: Genrikh Mayorov
Art Director: Valery Leventhal
Premiere: 15 December 2007
The duration of the ballet: 2 hours 5 minutes with one intermission


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