The play «Shade of the Tree»

The play «Shade of the Tree»

The modern Russian playwright Catherine Narshi, followed by the director Maria Romanova, is offered through a strange, fascinating story about a Man in a room who chooses his life's companions Shadow of a tree growing outside the window to ask themselves the important questions of LIFE. The declared genre of the play - "a good reason for tenderness" - speaks of close attention to the MAN. Choosing absolute autonomy from the bustle and chaos of the outside world, do not we become in this self-isolation a "dry tree" that loses the opportunity to love? Where is the border of personal freedom and choice? And whether it is possible to shout to each other, to convince of the need to give up their personal territory for the sake of a loved one? After all, we often do not dare to share problems and joys with another person, to start moving along life together, for fear of personal space, for the loss of "our tree".


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