The play «Monologue of a Woman. Waiting»

The play «Monologue of a Woman. Waiting»

The play is based on Robert Rozhdestvensky's poem Monologue of a Woman and author's songs by Olga Favorskaya. The plot can be described in two words: a single middle-aged woman came on a date and waits for a man.

The play, created by the efforts of the exclusively female team, turned out to be bright, colorful, and somehow paradoxical. However, this is natural, since its authors reflect on purely feminine themes, close to themselves and the spectators in the hall. The heroine of history, whose role is played by two actresses at once, experiences the whole possible range of emotions: love and fear of loneliness, jealousy and pain from losing a loved one, impotence and tenderness, sadness and hope for happiness ...

Genre: Drama
Director: Tatiana Sobennikova
Actors: Anna Fomicheva, Olga Favorskaya


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