Both Two

Both Two

On January 26, the group "Two Two" returns to the scene of the "Cosmonaut" club. The long-awaited concert for the Petersburg public: the hit program and the presentation of new songs. Great hall, a lot of space for creativity, music and love of Katya Pavlova and enjoying all of the above by the most dedicated, sensual audience!

A bit of history. On the musical Russian horizon, Ekaterina Pavlova's band appeared in 2011. The debut album "Know what I did" and the video "Darling" with zero budget for a short time gained millions of auditions and views, raising the group to the status of a cult. "There is a feeling that this is the most exasperated sexual Russian record since the times, say, the album" Morskaya ", - described this phenomenon by the musical observer of" Afisha "Alexander Gorbachev.

For two years, "Two Two" performed at all major festival venues - "Jazz Manor", "Stereoleto", "Picnic" Afishi "," Kazantip "," Dobrofest "," Invasion ", and then suddenly Pavlova took a pause for two years . In early 2015, Katya Pavlova resumed her band "The Two Two", releasing the album "Daughter of a Fisherman" and putting on a concert-play "Blah", and in 2017 she delighted the fans with the mini-album "Boy".

"The hashtags from the names of 4 songs of this EP can be identified as the main vectors of Katya Pavlova's creativity: # February, # actress, # captain, # boy. Girls are music. I'm not very kind and listen. But when I'm asked to name the best that is in Russian contemporary pop music, I first call Katya Pavlov, - singer Igor Grigoriev admits. "Because in music for me, three things are important: the piercing of the gesture, the grandeur of the plan and the absence of the main bacillus that kills the musician on the vine - the vulgarity of the heart and imagination."

January 26, the "Cosmonaut" club, "Both Two"! All you need is not to forget after the New Year holidays. Come meet, enjoy, and maybe even get acquainted. It will be warm!


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